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Dr Shailendra Giri Has Won American's Academic Leader in Both Innovation and Excellence Award

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May 29, 2024
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Dr. Shailendra Giri (PhD, Computer Science) Winner of National ICT Excellence Award 2024.

Dr. Shailendra Giri was born in Jhimruk Rural Municipality ward no 6, Dahakhola, Pyuthan, Lumbini province Nepal. He has completed High school level education from Janata Higher Secondary School, Bagdula Pyuthan and intermediate and bachelor level education from Butwal Multiple Campus, Repandehi.

Renowned for his expertise in Computer Science, information technology, Computer education, training, strategic planning, administration, and career counseling, Dr. Giri began his ICT career as a High School Computer teacher at New Light High School, Sankarnagar Rupandehi, in 2053 BS. Holding postgraduate degrees in IT and M.Sc. IT and PhD in Computer Science, he has imparted knowledge and training at over a dozen educational institutions, academy, and research centers, including Tribhuvan University, Pokhara University affiliated colleges at the capital of Lumbini Province. His significant contribution includes the establishment of Rapti Engineering College in 2064 BS, where he currently presides as President and Executive Director.

During his tenure as Executive Director, Dr. Giri has served for six years at Personnel Training Academy (PTA), Local Development Training Academy (LDTA), and the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration. He has published more than two dozen articles in national and international peer-review journals. He became an executive board member of the World Research Council from 2020 to 2021. Dr. Giri received the Research Peace Award- 2019. Likewise, Dr. Giri got succussed to achieve Nepal Education Awards in Japan-2023 and the UAE-2022 respectively. He has presented research papers at national and international conferences and as a keynote speaker presented research papers.

Dr. Giri has authored numerous articles for Nepal's national media on e-governance, technology-friendly public services, cyber security, cyber policy and law, artificial intelligence, Data Science, and online education. He has published the book "Dimensions of E-Learning" and is in the process of publishing a research book "Practices of Digital Governance in Nepal". With 28 years dedicated to teaching, training, planning, policymaking, research, and administration, Dr. Giri is also a former central member of the CAN Federation of Nepal and founder chairman of CAN Federation Dang branch. Currently, he is researching the use of artificial intelligence in leadership development, Data Science, Neural Network, Deep learning, Machine learning and teaching learning.

Dr. Shailendra Giri is known as a successful entrepreneur in the context of Lumbini Province. Entrepreneurship development is also a subject of his interest. More than 100 employees have succeeded in getting employment in the organizations established by him. Development of entrepreneurship in Nepal, leadership development, e-governance, cyber security, use of artificial intelligence in research and teaching, data science, arts of happiness are the main subjects of training he takes.

Dr. Giri has played different role and responsibilities in such social organizations as Lions International Club, Nepal English Language Teachers Association (NELTA), Rapti Arts Center, Alternative Foundation, Silicon Research, and Innovation Center.

Dr. Shailendra Giri, a PhD in Computer Science, has been honored with the National ICT Excellence Award 2024 by Government of Nepal, Ministry of Communication, and Information Technology for his contribution in the field of information and communication technology.

I am very proud by achieving this “American's academic leader in both innovation and excellence Award 2024”. Absolutely it will help me for international recognition and inspire the people who are in their research and academic career.

This award has honored my contribution to explorer the ICT and ICT education in Nepal. I am proud towards the “American wards affiliated with United Research Council.

Introduction to Rapti Engineering College:

Rapti Engineering College (REC), one of the modern academic institutions in the Lumbini Province of Nepal. Established in 2008, REC was founded by a group of dedicated technical and academic professionals in the fields of engineering and information technology. Its mission is to meet the ever-growing need for quality higher education in the Globe.

Academic programs offered by Rapti Engineering College:

Bachelor of Civil Engineering (BE-Civil): This program equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to design and construct civil infrastructure, including buildings, bridges, roads, hydropower, and dams.

Bachelor of Electronics and Communication (BE-Elex. & Comm.): Students in this program delve into the world of electronics, telecommunications, and signal processing. They learn to design and optimize communication systems.

Bachelor of Computer Engineering: The Bachelor of Computer Engineering program focuses on computer architecture, software development, Artificial Intelligence, and applications. Students gain expertise in programming, databases, Data Science, Cyber security, and software engineering.

Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA): The BCA program focuses on computer science, software development, and applications. Students gain expertise in programming, databases, and software engineering.

Bachelor’s in business administration (BBA): The BBA program provides a foundational education in business, encompassing management, finance, marketing, and accounting to foster a comprehensive understanding of business operations. It focuses on the development of managerial competencies and strategic thinking, enabling students to analyze market trends, understand consumer behavior, and create effective marketing strategies for business growth. The inclusion of practical experiences like internships further prepares students for leadership roles, equipping them with the skills necessary to promote and expand businesses across various sectors.

Diploma in Computer Engineering (Computer Overseer): This diploma program provides practical training in computer hardware, networking, network security, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, and system maintenance.

Pre-diploma in Civil, Electrical and Survey Engineering: The Pre-diploma programs in Civil, Electrical, and Survey Engineering (Amin) offer essential technical education aimed at creating a competent technical workforce. Spanning 18 months with an integrated OJT segment, these programs focus on infrastructure development, electrical applications, and surveying competencies, respectively. They combine theoretical instruction with practical

training, preparing graduates to address real-world engineering challenges effectively. The curricula are tailored for inclusivity, targeting post-SLC/SEE individuals from various socio- economic backgrounds, thereby fostering a diverse and skilled engineering community.

Currently 270 students are studying in REC. 950 students have completed their education from REC.


Dr. Shailendra Giri

Executive Director-Rapti Engineering College, Ghorahi-16-Dang Lumbini province


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