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Ramesh Adhikari has bagged American’s Best Principal Award

By Admin
September 06, 2022
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Well, I’d like to introduce myself. It’s me Ramesh Adhikary. Originally, I live in Dhading at Mulpani-09, Nepal. Presently, I have been staying in Kathmandu, a capital city, for 17 years. After receiving my M.Phil Degree, I have been in my PhD journey from SPU. I am principal of Southwestern School one of the leading educational institutions of Nepal. Correspondingly, I have been in the field of education from last 22 years. I am terribly delighted to be an important part of ASIA Awards in association with RULA Award managed by professional team.

A person with no particular goals in life, nor any design for attaining them, is unlikely to accomplish anything significant. The best arrangement is to put them in practice combining with some flexibility to take advantage of promising opportunities. Such opportunity is often worth the risk involved, because the possible benefits are great.

Being born in Dhading, one of the remote districts in Nepal, my innocent experiences were spent there. In primary and lower secondary level, I was not so good at studying. My family, specially, my dad kept serious concern towards my education. To make some sort of progressive change in education, hemanaged me an opportunity to take tuition class in Chitwan District when I was in class nine. This was the turning point from where I started studying a bit among versatile friends who were born just to study, I guess.

In the month of June and July, there used to be vacation in my home town. To get two months tuition class, I was there in Chitwan. I hesitated to facemyself in front of teachers and even friends due to my weaknesses in education. Acceptance and realization of weaknessesbecame a unique correction in my life. The more Irealize my weakness, the quicker we get solution with extra confidence.

During my stay in Chitwan district, the most important thing I have learnt is a sense of competition and co-operation to reach in destination. In destination, there is happiness, in happiness, there is newness of life. In course of time, I got job inSchool as an English teacher. I got an exclusive opportunity to broaden my mental horizon practically among educated colleagues. The students in my class became my best teacher in my life who made me learn many valuable things such as time management, a sense of love, respect, discipline and even some moral lessons that account in day-to-day life.We have many experiences that seem unpleasant at the time but actually help prepare us for the future.

For my Master’s Degree, I shifted to capital city seeking challenges and opportunities, where I established one educational institute serving various training program. Administering and instructing in that organization, I got closer with some unexpected reality, ups and downs which made me mature as per time. Being based on the same foundation, I had had an investment in college, school, research center and others where there is frequent visit of Academicians, Researchers, Planners, and Professionals at national and international levels. Specifically, I am used totaking notes of all constructive ideas, inspirational sharing and essence thought. By which, it is not tough enough for me to be forwarded aggressively. As a result, my institution and I have been getting loads of national and international honor and recognition.

I am very much thankfulto Asia Awards-an aim of celebrating talentswhose exceptional qualities are inspiring to the upcoming generations honoring theirefficiency and excellence that support to showcaseefforts in front of people from diverse countries. I am really proud to be recognized such praiseworthy award- ‘Asia’s Best Principal Award’ from your renowned institution with your brilliant and astonishingly professional team. It makes me know my own hard work that I put in to reach this peak.  Getting such honor in front of guests from 30+ countries surely aid to showcase efforts in front of the world. Even though there might be minor eventthat sometimes makes major change in every walk of life.Difficulties can be extremely valuable when there is determination. 

Again, I am warm heartedly Thankful for the cooperation with entire team of this organization. I am fortunate enough to get the chance to be an integral part of such a wonderful organization like yours.

Thanks again

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