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The American Awards commemorates the expertise and achievers with flawless skills and efficiencies from sundry fields. We examine the overall performance and perseverance to have a keen sense of their exceptionals to honor and contribute in front of the society.

Eligibility Criteria For Winning The American Awards?

American Awards are in progress of seeking the achievers who play a prominent role in their respective fields (Individuals/ Institutions/Organizations). We are pleased to honor such great personalities with our International standard and let their success be known by the people around worldwide. On during this selection process, the nominee’s profile will be validated in multiple steps by considering their achievements, years of experience, unique skill sets, education exposure and all. Once the estimated procedures are completed successfully, the final results will be announced.


American Awards Promotions

American Awards is a globally recognized authentication that aids you to have a huge respect among the society. To honor such well pleased achievements, the following promotions will be provided for each awardee:

News Release in “New York Daily”

News Release In American Awards

Free Social Media Promotions

Winning Poster Release

Official Video Keynote Release

Magazine Release

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September 28, 2023

Rajarshi Goswami Has bagged American's Commendable Contribution for the Society for Peace Award

Rajarshi Goswami serving as Ambassador / High commissioner to UAE Govt for Economic, social welfare,...

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September 17, 2023

Dr. Mahalaxmi K Wankhedkar Has bagged American's Outstanding Scientist and Artist Award of the Year

I spent my childhood in Churchgate in Mumbai. As my father was in charge in Central Govt., we had of...

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September 12, 2023

BISSESSUR Rishideo Has bagged American's Outstanding Achievements Advancing Knowledge in a Nursing Field Award

Born on 19th January 1980 in a tiny island known as Republic of Mauritius in the midst of Indian O...

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