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Dr. Baburam Bhusal Has bagged American`s Most Qualified Principal of the Year Award

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October 29, 2023
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I am Dr. Baburam Bhusal. I was born on 9th April 1984 AD. My birth place is Bhumikasthan Municipality Ward No. 8, Arghakhanchi- District, Lumbini- Province, Nepal. I am the Principal of Chhinchu English Boarding School since 2003. It is located in Bheriganga Municipality Ward No. 12, Chhinchu, Surkhet- District, Karnali Province, Nepal. I am a life Member and Executive Member of Nepal English Language Teachers' Association, NELTA. I am an advocate and the member of Nepali Bar Association Surkhet- District. My Professional Career is 22 years' experience in teaching at Education Arena. 

Academic Qualification

  • Doctor of Philosophy, Ph.D. in Education from Sri Satya Sai University of Technology & Medical Sciences, Sehore, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India.
  • Master of Education, M.Ed., English from Tribhuvan University, Nepal.
  • Master of Arts, MA, Sociology from Tribhuvan University, Nepal.
  • Master of Arts, MA, Anthropology from Tribhuvan University, Nepal.
  • Master of Education, M.Ed. Department of Education Planning and Management EPM, from Tribhuvan University, Nepal.
  • Master of Arts, MA, Political Sciences from Tribhuvan University, Nepal.
  • Bachelor of Law, LLB, from Tribhuvan University, Nepal.

I interest in research in innovation education field, motivation speaker, task planning, teachers training, teaching research literature, story, novel and writing books. I have published several books and researches articles in different national and international Journal and newspapers. My interest areas relate to education field, research article, materials, curriculum, motivation, story, and counselors I have extensive experience in education research.

Editor & Author: Book & Research Articles published

Research Articles

  • "A STUDY ON OCCUPATION STRESS IN SECONDARY LEVEL TEACHERS", ISSN: 0474-9030 https://doi.org/10026643/think-india (UGC Care Journal) Vol-68-Issue-67-January-2020 India.
  • "A Study of Occupation Stress of Teachers in Jobs satisfaction in Secondary School of Kapilvastu District " ISSN: 2455-3085 (Online) Research Review International Journal of Multidisciplinary www.rrjournals.com (UGC listed Journal) Vol-04-Issue-04-April-2019 India.
  • Various Article in Nepal English Language Teachers' Association (NELTA), Journal.

Public Service Commission, PSC, Book

  • Nepal Police Inspector Capsule Book, 2078
  • Nepal Police Assistant Sub-Inspector, ASI Capsule, 2079
  • Nepal Police (Janapatha) Capsule, 2078
  • Arm Police Force, APF Capsule, 2079
  • Nepal Army (Saina) Capsule, 2078
  • General Knowledge, Capsule, 2079
  • Target General Knowledge, Capsule, 2079

Teacher Service Commission, TSC, Book

  1. Teacher Service Commission Secondary Level, Capsule, 2078
  2. Teacher Service Commission Basic Level, Capsule, 2078
  3. Teacher Service Commission 50 Set Questions Bank, Capsule, 2078

School Level English Practice Book

  • Self-English Practice Book for Class 10 and SLC Competitor, 2069
  • Self-English Practice Book for Class 8 and BLDE Competitor, 2070
  • Aspirations School Journal, 2064


  • 20 days Online Education and ICT Management Training program conducted by Society of Technology Friendly Teachers, STFT, Nepal.
  • 33 Days STFT Advance Geo-Gebra Training conducted by Society of Technology Friendly Teachers, STFT, Nepal, Mathematics Subject Committee.
  • Actively involves in different National and International conference of Nepal English Language Teachers' Association, NELTA.
  • Effective Presentation Skills, Nepal English Language Teachers' Association, NELTA
  • ICT based Virtual Workshop for Teacher conducted by Society of Technology Friendly Teachers, STFT, Nepal
  • Leadership Virtual Training on "School- Parents' Partnership" conducted by Positive Vibration Organisation
  • One-month secondary level Institution School Principals' Leadership capacity building training course Centre Development Centre, Nepal.
  • Online JCT Literacy Training for Teachers conducted by Society of Technology Friendly Teachers, STFT, Nepal.
  • Promotion of teaching methodology by self-expression method, Nepal English Language Teachers' Association, NELTA.
  • Students Quality Circle, SQC Facilitator training program by SQC.
  • Sri Satya Sai Education in Human Values.
  • Successfully completed different ELT Training from different training centers, Nepal English Language Teachers' Association, NELTA.
  • Teachers' Professional Development through Sharing, Nepal English Language Teachers' Association, NELTA.
  • Theme based action plan and management strategies organized by Positive Vibration, Aarya Shree International and Lawanya International jointly.
  • Time management and leadership development, Peace, Human Right and Civil education, Nepal English Language Teachers' Association, NELTA.
  • Training of Trainers (TOT), Nepal English Language Teachers' Association, NELTA.
  • Training of Trainers (TOT) organized by Positive Vibration Nepal Pvt. Ltd.
  • 7 Days Nepali Literature Training conducted by STFT Nepal, Nepali Subject Committee Online Training.

Work Experience

  • Principal at Chhinchu English Boarding School, Bheriganga–12, Surkhet since 2064 B.S.
  • Law Teacher at Sharada Higher Secondary School since 2077 B.S.  
  • English Teacher at Social Higher Secondary Boarding School, Goursinge, Kapilvastu, 2059 B.S. to 2063 B.S.


  • Asia Awards Proudly Presented by RULA Awards under the category, "Asia's Education Awards" With a praiseworthy award" "Asia's Outstanding Educator Awards-2022-2023
  • On the occasion of the 15th National Convention Long-Service Honour and Silver Medal-2078 by Private and Boarding Schools' Organisation Nepal, PABSON, Nepal.
  • "High Appreciation Teacher of English Subject " by Private and Boarding Schools' Organisation Nepal, PABSON Surkhet in 2073 B.S.


  • Language: - Fluent in English, Nepali and Hindi
  • Computer Diploma

Membership of Organization

  • Nepal English Language Teachers' Association, NELTA, Surkhet life members.
  • Member of Nepal Bar Association, Surkhet.
  • Member of Bheriganga Junior Chamber International, JCI, Nepal
  • Member of Society of Technology Friendly Teachers, STFT, Nepal

Practical Leadership and organization

  • Education sector plan 2021-2031 in the construction of the 10-year education sector plan of Bheriganga Municipality, as an expert on Information and Communication Technology in education, and prepared a draft of the plan.
  • 2074 S.E.E. Appointed to the position of center president in the examination and performed the work.
  • Nepal English Language Teachers' Association, NELTA Surkhet Executive Members, Branch Surkhet.

Contribution at School

  • On the occasion of the 38th National Education Day and International Literacy Day, awarded by Province No. 6 as The Excellent School Awards, Government of Nepal, Ministry of Education.

Personal Information

  • Father's name: - Gopiram Bhusal                     - Mother's name: - Sita Devi Bhusal
  • Citizenship No. 5662/2768,                             - Date of issue:- 2060/07/05
  • Advocate Certificate No:   15805                     - Place of birth: - Bhumiksthan Municipality Wards No. 8        
  • District:- Arghakhanchi        Lumbini Province        - Permanent Address: - Bhumiksthan Municipality Wards No. 8,  Arghakhanchi District, Lumbini Province, Nepal Country.      
  • Resident Address: Bheriganga Municipality Ward No. Bheriganga-12- Chhinchu, Surkhet, Karnali Province, Nepal.

Glance of School

Chhinchu English Boarding School educational fundamental with its motto "Knowledge is light, Education is Right" Committed to total personality development, which was set up in 2042 B.S. since its inception the foundation has been imparting empirical education to enable the students develop a deep realization of national dignity; fraternity, secularism, peace, freedom and tolerance. The foundation has concrete vision and mission for life- oriented, scientific qualitative and skill-based educations which are required to face all the challenges of the contemporary societies and obtain the opportunities in this competitive world. Our humble efforts are directed towards creating civilized societies embedded with knowledge, wisdom and responsiveness.

Despite numerous constraints we are marching ahead with unflinching faiths to uplift the nation has been facing a dire need of competent human resourced to mobilize the abundant natural gifts. This shrine of learning has been offering school and college level education in a very congenial setting. As we have a singular aim ie. To disseminate quality education through non-profit motive institution it's our privilege to invite our esteemed parents, students, academicians and well- wishers to join hands with us

Chhinchu English Boarding School is located at Bheriganga-12-Chhinchu Surkhet District, Karnali Province, Nepal in a serene environment of beautiful valley. Our desire is to provide behaviour and theoretical knowledge of the pupil and to be a good personality and discipline human resource needs of the country to lay the stone in the school education with high expectations of imparting quality education. It was upgrade of class of grade ten in 2066 B.S. It has good quality in result of Board examination since 2067 B.S. with securing best identified in the Nation.

My school got excellent results in 2074. Our school honored with a cash prize of one lakh rupees, a certificate, a school flag from the Ministry of Education, Government of Nepal. Overall development of personality is our aim to be a good citizen of the country. At least we claim on quality education and we believe that knowledge is power.

Finally, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratefulness to “American awards affiliated with United Research Council, International Talented Personality Awards, it’s great pleasure to me that the American Awards has been drafted to organize for a virtual event of “International Talented Personality Awards” to gladden my eminence, Under The Category, “American Award Education Leadership Awards ”With An Estimable Award Title, “American's Most Qualified Principal Of The Year Award” recognizing my professional teaching work and community service and offering me this world's prestigious award.

Facebook Id: https://www.facebook.com/baburam.bhusal.315

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/chhinchuenglishboardingschool/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/BaburamEducationGuru


Dr. Baburam Bhusal

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