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Hon.Dr Proshanta Kumar Dutta Has Won American's Best Scientist of the Year Award

By Admin
February 18, 2024
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Hi, my name is Dr. Proshanta Kr. Dutta, I am a Asstt. Professor of Botany with special on Microbiology at Bilasipara College, Bilasipara, Dist-Dhubri,Assam, India, 783348, since 30th,June,2009.I am the first person of the world who has great foresight and has predicted the ruling of Viruses along with Vaccines and Antibiotics related to Covid 19 Pandemic.

I had made an very urgent report on “ An Advanced Study And Prediction Of The Ruling Of Viruses Along With Vaccine And Antibiotics Related To Covid 19 Pandemic” to California University in 2017 and I tried to inform to Authorities, but I didn’t have that success. Sadly but many countries have paid a great price for this. I have been called as a title “ COVID MODERN DAY NOSTRADOMUS” recognized by Harvard World Records,London,2023. I have participated in National and International Seminars.

I have experience of External and Internal Examiner and Supervising Officer of Examination, Examiner of Copy cheking and scrutinizer of Higher Secondary (Science) and Degree Graduate Classes. I always want to be a good natural teacher, then, to be a good natural Researcher, finally, to be the best natural Scientist . I always believe in conceptual and imagination Research and Education and I never believe in Informative, Knowledge and Data based Research and  Education. I always love and respect nature that is like my Mother who nourishes us. My next aim and attempt will be to make a patent by finding out on “drawbacks/ incomplete/imbalance of Eintein’s formula,e=mc² and Alexander Fleming’s Antibiotic discovery by the help of adjusting the balance of  Philosophy Model.

I am now gathering knowledge on plants from nature that is my original natural book regarding medicinal plants etc. I have 5 pages of own new concept regarding "Life Science & Philosophical study along with Morphological & Logical views on "A missing link of Life Science" in prediction, Direct Identification & Discovery of Medicinal Plants." or How had drugs been existed in the world in the past? I have a small diary having written on "  Plants philosophy similar to other organisms that may help in Medicine discovery from plants and have an original proof copy of letter written a few lines written by me as a prediction of warning information on viruses regarding ruling over the world and sent to Mr. Richard Karbon, a famous Ecologist, California University,U.S.A through email: rkarban@ucdavis.edu on 5th August, 2017 at      1:34 p.m (Indian Time).


  • The best teacher awardees in higher education category awarded from InSc, Bengalore, 2020 along with permanent lifetime Membership. (International)
  • Winner of the prestigious award in the category “Distinguished Teaching Award”, of the International Education Summit and Awards, 2020 (Virtual).
  • Certificate of Recognition as “Innovator of Future or Architect of the future or Futurist by PANIITUSA and IIT INDIA,2020.
  • Honorary Doctorate in Micro-Biology by UNO,Newyork,USA,2021 along with permanent lifetime Membership and IPR as well from World Human Right Protection Commission (From Indian Government). (International) 
  • 100 India TOP Professors India Prime Awardee by Foxclues Team,2021. (National)
  • 100 India TOP Author and Educationist  India Prime Awardee by Glantor X Award Team,2022. (National)
  • 1OO India TOP Author and Researcher Awardee by Foxclues Team,2021. (National)
  • A little Knowledge of Music (Singing certificate).
  • International Best Teaching Awardee by IEA (International Award Team),2020.
  • Global Teaching Awardee by Global Award Team,2020. (International)
  • Working as a Reviewer in the International Journal,”Journal of Chemical Health Risk”,Iran ,already reviewed on “Antagonistic Activities  of pharmaceutical Probiotics and Prebiotic from Fermented Food Products against Selective Human Urinary Pathogens”, JCHR-2107-1347
  • Guided as a “ Guidance” to Avra Pratim Chowdhury (Phd Scholar,GuwahatiUniversity), Doctor of Veterinary Medicine ,Sylhet Agricultural University, Bangladesh ,for International Seminar on “ Green Literature and Philosophy: Texts,Contexts and Arguments,Topic: A Schematic Review on Evolutionary Ecological Insights of SARS-Co2 Virus and Vaccines,Morigaon College,Assam,held on 20th and 21st December,2022.
  • International Conference Paper on “ Challenges and Prospects of Bioresource Conservation In Eastern Himalaya – with special reference to UN- Sustainable Development Goals,Topic:The Hypothetical Concepts on Cis-Trans Migration of Virus in the Aspect of Virus-Ecology,Sub-theme: Urban Ecology and Climate Change ,Department of Zoology,Guwahati University ,Assam,held on 3rd and 4th,May,2023.

  • FDP Course certificate in Teaching on “Mentoring Pedagogy and Online Teaching for Higher Education” organized by E&ICT           Academy IIT Guwahati held from 09 to 14 August, 2021 in association with Goalpara College, Goalpara, Assam. 
  • Bharat bhuhan awards 2022-23, NAHF.Regd. by Government of India.

  • Winner of Nelson Mendela Global Brilliance Award ,’22
  • India excellence award ’22 ,Honoured as a “ OUTSTANDING PROFESSOR”, Organized by INCEED and SPACE
  • Interview Video taken by Dy365(Assamese regional news channel),Amar Asom(assamese Regional News paper) and India TV regarding the information on the prediction of warning information on viruses regarding ruling over the world and sent to Mr. Richard Karban, a famous Ecologist, California University, U.S.A through email: rkarban@ucdavis.edu on 5th August, 2017 at 1:34 p.m (Indian Time).
  • World Record Holder Title,2022 awarded by Greatest world Record book,2023.
  • World Record Holder title awarded by bravo international book of world record,2023
  • Bharat shree award in the field of education awarded by Grow Bharat Foundation,2023
  • National Pride Award ,2023 awarded by SociallyPoint Foundation
  • Rabindranath Tagore Literature Award in Literature,2023 awarded BY DRDC GLOBAL.
  • Certificates of one week FDP on “Academic Research Writing from 25 to 30 April 2022,organized by Goalpara College in collaboration with Bioakademy,a unit of AGT Bioscience Pvt. LTD.Assam,India,USTM,Meghalaya and PSGR Krishnammal College for Woman,Tamilnadu,India.

  • TWO DAYS VIRTUAL WORKSHOP On “Learn Google Applications-Through Live Demonstration”Organised by Department of Library and Information Science,USTM,Meghalaya,India,3rd and 4th July,2021.

    • National Webinar on “ Traditional Medicine:Potentiality and its Role in Primary Healthcare in NE India ,29th May,2021.

      FDP Certificate on “ ACADEMIC RESEARCH WRITING” from 27 March-02 April,2023 organised by Teaching Learnig Centre ,RAMANUJAM COLLEGE,UNIVERSITY OF DELHI.

    • Certificate of PARTICIPATION in the “Amity Global online Education Conference”, Organised by AMITY UNIVERSITY,20th,November,20

    • Participation certificate in Awareness/Training program under “NATIONAL INTELECTUAL PROPERTY AWARNESS MISSION (NIPAM)” on September 09,2022 organized by INTELECTUAL PROPERTY OFFICE ,INDIA,(GOVT. OF India
    • Certicate of Participation of National webinar on “ Linking Ecosystem Services with Sustainable Development” organized by Department of Botany,USTM,Meghalaya, held on 30th June,2021.

      Have Homeopathy Training Course.

    • Department Of Higher Education Assam ( Government of India) has felicitated me for securing a Patent for the title “Most Validation Awards for Accurate Prediction of Viruses in 2017 Related to Covid 19 Pandemic (Covid Modern Day Nostrdamus)”on 5th,September,2023 during Teacher Day
    • Eminent Scientist title awarded by Jackhi Book of world Record,22, (Regarding Viruses related to Covid19 Pandemic)

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