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Srijan Adhikari Has Won American's Emerging Leadership Award

By Admin
March 14, 2024
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Hello! My name is Srijan Adhikari from Nepal. I am a young energetic person, graduated from Tribhuawan University with a degree in Social Science and English Literature also I  completed adjusted bachelors degree from University of Central Oklahoma in Social work. University of Oklahoma is the renowned and prestigious University of United States of America. I believe that slowly and gradually my participation and involvement in social sectors will make me a renowned personality in national and international level.

I was awarded as Global Youth Ambassador by A world at School for the advocacy of literacy in rural part of Nepal and multiple campaigns for education to all throughout the country.

A world at school is the initiative of United Nations during the time we played vital role in the rural literacy program In Nepal. I have participated multiple times in international campaigns of “A world at school” We appeal and organize a campaign Up for the school in 2015. The world’s youth teachers, parents and the global citizens jointly appeal to keep their promise made and the United nation in 2000 so to ensure out of the school children to gain the right to education before the end of 2015 and I directly participated in this campaign.   

As an independent youth activist I was involved in the advocacy of alternative political moment for more than 10 years, as a social media influencer I played important role to elect Mr.Balendra Shah in the position of mayor of Kathmandu municipality in May 2022. I helped him financially to support his independent political campaigns and made multiple videos to support him with hundred of thousand of views. We succeeded in gaining political awareness and voters of Kathmandu elected him.

In the same year we established a political moment throughout the country and found new political party “Rastriya Swatantra party” and won 22 seats of parliament in national election. We are now fourth largest political party in Nepal. Our aim is to lead the national government with the majority of public votes in 2027.

I have been working as active member of Rastriya swatantra party and involved in problem solving tasks of civilians in Nepal. We believe in democratic political ideology and that must be lead by the youth and foreign returnees. Our founder chairmen MR.Rabi lamichhane worked 15years plus in United States and came back to Nepal. Our country needs the smartest people to lead so we are working on it. We are here to break the traditional patterns of the national politics.

In the Election of 2022 I was directly involve in the election campaign to encourage MR.Pukar Bam (Central committee Member) Of Rastriya Swatantra Party. Together we conducted multiple election campaigns in Kathmandu-1. I was invited as a guest speaker where I shared the stage with Manish Jha (Member of Parliament) and other influential leader of Rastriya Swatantra Party.

I have encouraged lots of young personals and invited them to join the political moment. I believe smart young and dynamic political leadership can change political instability in Nepal. Our prime focus is to reduce Corruptions to the lowest level. Together with my team I have been establishing our political views in front of a common public. We have organized multiple political campaigns for the party formation in district, municipal and in Wards. I appeal all the well wishers who wanted to see better Nepal to join our party. I have documented my political activities. I have participated Koshi Province mass gathering in January 2022. I was actively involved in the training season of our party in 21-22 July 2023.

I have shared Stage with Ramesh Prasain (Central Committee member) of Rastriya swatantra party who is physically challenged and can’t see this physical world I have learn to stay motivated even in the critical situation of life. Mr. Prasain is also a young trend setter of intellectual politic in Nepal.

Nepal have been poorest country in Asia, More than 15% of total population is under the poverty they have been the victim of corrupted political system so Rastriya Swartantra Party is                        formed to change that. We have zero tolerance policy for Corruption; we are strict in any kind of Nepotism and favoritism.

My generation must stand against all kind of injustice. No matter how active and influential you are unless you break the political mainstream you will be lead by the failure leadership, hence my party is working the provide the platform to send most eligible candidate to lead the country and that is where we unite together. My generation doesn’t want to wait decades to be in the power instead we want to bring smartest leaders in the politics as soon as possible. Thus I have been pro active in all kind of the activities of “Rastriya swatantra Party”

Beside this I am an article writer and have written multiple articles in different national newspapers and fortunate to share my views through the interview. Some of my articles were shared by 1.5K viewers. I have been expressing my political views through national media. I have been inspiring young people and have been motivating them. I believe such news articles will help to create political awareness. During my college life I was chief editor of college magazine in 2014. Also compose poem record it and post through social media.

I used to be international member of A Community Without boundaries international which was my first international experience of being recognized for working in the sector of children as I volunteered in orphanage “Child Future Nepal” who rescued 12 orphan children in 2013. We conducted fundraising campaigns and organized concert for the orphanage.

I have been international certified carrier coach and certified by international organization called MINDLER in 2023. I studied a project management and core humanitarian essential in the same year and certified by Corner Stone on demand foundation. I have visited The United States of America, Srilanka, Bangladesh and India for international programs. I used to be Human Right activist as I worked as coordinator of youth network of Amnesty international. I was trained by National human right commission in 2012 and received trainings from Amnesty international and Youth for human right. I was member from south Asia for Youth for human right.

I have conducted research for the protection and preservation of UNCESO enlisted world heritage sites in Kathmandu. I have participated in Team building training for cultural heritage in 2014 organized by Kathmandu Municipality, building and heritage division. Youth direct involvement to protect and preserve historical monuments was effective. During the devastating earthquake in April 25, 2015 many cultural heritage sites were damaged. My team was involved to document and collect the data of the damaged heritages. The research was conducted for 1.5 month.

As a Political activist, social media influencer and human right defender, I would like to appreciate American Award for this encouraging international platform. This award will boost my strength. This award will also help to be an established political leader of our country.


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